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Through Steve Robins Motor Repairs I am able to offer a pre mot check of you vehicle .I can either link this service whilst I am servicing your vehicle or you can book an appointment for me to check your vehicle for a pre mot and I carry out any repairs which are required for the MOT Test.  I will always contact you to discuss any repairs required to your vehicle to pass the MOT Test, as the vehicle owner, explain any work required and give you quotes for this and then complete this repair work for you, at your approval. When the work has been done I will take your vehicle for its MOT and return the vehicle to you with the MOT certificate. The following will be checked;


The following will be checked;

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  • Brakes

  • Exhaust System

  • Lights, Wipers / Washers

  • Suspension

  • Tyres

  • Bodywork / Chassis

  • Vehicle Emissions

  • Windscreen for cracks and chips

Below are some of the areas where I will check out in more detail to ensure that you car will not fail its MOT.

  • I will check the windscreen wipers are working properly, making sure they have a nice firm edge and clear all water from the screen when in use.

  • I will check the windscreen washers jets are in good working order, ensuring that they spray evenly across a wiped area.

  • I will check your windscreen for chips and cracks, your car will fail if there are any chips or cracks within the main field of the driver’s vision so I can fill these cracks and chips for you.

  • I will check your engine oil and engine coolant to ensure you have enough fluid levels in each container.

  • I will check the tread of your tyres and tyre pressure to ensure there are no obvious cuts or bulges to the tyre.

  • I will check that all of your seatbelts work properly, making sure that there are no cuts in the seatbelts.

  • I will check that your boot, bonnet and vehicle doors all open and shut correctly.

  • I will check that all your exterior lights work, including fog lights and reverse lights, (fog and reverse lights are not part of the MOT test). I will change any bulbs to make them work.

  • I will check that your horn works properly.

If you would like to know more about the complete MOT service I am able to offer, please contact me directly to book your vehicle in or for advice and guidance on your vehicle.

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